12 Cute Ways to Store + Display Baby Things in Your Nursery

Welcoming a new bundle of joy to your home at Havenwood? Setting up a nursery in your home is one of the most enjoyable decorating tasks imaginable, but it can get a bit overwhelming! Showers, sprinkles, and friendly moms in your community can all unload an avalanche of baby gear into your life, and getting the nursery in order can feel like a Herculean task! Today, we’re talking about some simple, cute ways to store your baby items in the nursery.

Use Wall Decor for Double Duty

Try decorative shelves (these geometric ones look stylish and chic!) and fill up your wall space while displaying keepsakes. That special heirloom bunny could sit on the shelf, as could a keepsake pair of booties. Get creative and keep special items within view and out of the way.

Make Use of Pegs

Baby gear like tiny hats, sweaters, and neckties are adorable to display and don’t take up much space. Try a row of pegs or hooks on the wall to create some vertical interest and ensure that your dresser drawers don’t get too stuffed. You won’t even need to invest in wall art; the baby accessories are as pretty as a picture!

Display Books on the Wall

Sensing a theme here? One of the easiest ways to free up counter and dresser space is to use the walls! These adorable library ledges allow you to display gorgeous picture books, and let baby ask for the titles he wants as he learns their names.

Use Decorative Baskets and Bins

Once you have a baby, you get it – there’s just so much stuff. Whether it’s another pacifier, a tube of diaper cream, or teeny tiny nail clippers, it’s hard to find a special place for each and every little thing. Try a decorative basket or bin to store all your unmentionables. Maybe even top it with a blanket when company comes!

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

Try some narrow shelving to display tiny baby shoes, prop up stuffed animals, or provide a perch for little toys. This allows your child to help herself to the things she wants as she is able to move around. Just make sure to be mindful about choking hazards!

Keep It Fun!

However you arrange your nursery, make sure it’s simple, functional, and works for you and your family. That’s the most important part!


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