10 Outdoor Spots to Clean This Spring

There’s no season like spring! It’s a time for new beginnings, and a time to refresh the  indoor and outdoor spaces at your Plumas Ranch home. We’re bringing you a checklist today to help you prioritize and ensure you’re not missing any important spots! Here are 10 outdoor spots you need to make sure to clean this spring!


Though it might not be first on your list of preferences, cleaning the garage is one of the best ways to get into a spring cleaning mindset. Make sure all your tools and supplies are organized and ready at hand for the rest of the tasks!


If you haven’t prioritized rain gutters until now, spring is the time to make sure they’re clear and ready for all those April showers!


It’s easy to clean the interior windows, but outside can take some more doing. While you’re at it, remove screens and clean those, too!


A good power washer can help clear away any leftover debris from the winter, or from the previous year. You’ll be surprised at how much better your driveway will look after a through clean-up!


Make sure to rake up all leaves and dispose of them so your grass has the best chance of growth in this new season!


A power washer is your friend! Make sure to rid your fence of all leftover gunk from the long, hard winter.

Outdoor furniture

If you live in a climate with lots of snow and ice, you probably moved your patio furniture indoors for the season. Now is the time to brush off the cobwebs, wipe down the dust, and return it to its place outside.

Lawn ornaments

Similar to outdoor furniture; now is the time to pull out all those pretty outdoor decorations that you’ve been protecting during the chillier months!


Outdoor light fixtures can easily harbor cobwebs, nests, and debris. Make sure it’s all clear and ready for longer days ahead.


Even if you’re not planning to plant anything yourself, make sure your garden beds are clear! Bag up any detritus that may have been left after the winter.

You’re Ready For Spring!

With your hard work done, it’s time to enjoy the season!


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