10+ Things You Need for a Super Halloween Party

It’s almost Halloween, but there’s still time to get your party plans in order! Your home at Mills Station has the perfect amount of space to entertain all your guests, and we’re excited to pass on some super practical tips for making your Halloween party incredibly memorable. Here are ten things you need for the best bash of the year!


Whether you use a virtual invitation or order printable ones, there are so many adorable options for Halloween! We love ordering custom invites from Etsy, but it’s also easy to create your own on Canva. Don’t sweat it; just enjoy!


Every party needs balloons, and there are some fantastic options on Amazon for a quick buy that won’t break the bank. We love ordering these in black and orange; they look festive and are always fun for kids. Or, try a balloon arch if you’re looking to get fancy!


Spiders, eyeballs, and ghouls – oh,  my! You can definitely create your own garland, or order something spooky to drape over the doorways, hang along the wall, or anywhere else


Here’s where you can really have a blast! Cookies or cupcakes are always a hit, but try something a little more… outside the box to really get a reaction from guests. Mummies made from string cheese? Sign us up!


Beverages are just one of the fun additions to your Halloween party that will take things from fun to WOW! Try a recipe like this Goosebumps Halloween Punch to get your guests in the mood.


What’s a Halloween party without some gorgeous gourds? Choose your own (carved or painted) or snag some with a little more pizzazz. This Pumpkin Decorating Kit is especially adorable, and quite affordable, too!


Who doesn’t love a great playlist? Set the mood for your Halloween fest with some tunes from Spotify; there are tons of great options to entertain both youngsters and adults alike. We love this roundup!


Whether you choose movies or games, there should definitely be something to help guests have tons of fun as they celebrate. If your guests are on the younger side, try something just a tiny bit spooky to keep everyone in a good mood! Experiment with games that will get everyone up and moving – like Halloween Darts or Holiday Charades.

Photo ops

Pics or it didn’t happen! Make sure there’s a designated spot for guests to click and post – and offer some fun props to make the pictures even more memorable.

Party favors

If your guests can take something home, they’ll remember the party forever! Consider offering a craft or activity that can be brought home at the end of the night. 

No matter what you choose, make sure you have a blast! There’s only one spooky season, so enjoy it to the fullest!


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