Fall 2022 Home Decor Trends

Sure – it’s not a requirement to change your decor with the seasons…but sometimes, it’s just plain fun! No matter what the weather’s like when the calendar says “fall,” it’s a great time to take stock of your home’s decor and see what you’d like to update or change. We’ve no doubt you’re already loving your Cresleigh Meadows at Plumas Ranch home, but we’ll still share these fall 2022 home decor trends…just in case you need a little inspiration!

Warm Tones

Some of us may remember when decor trends steered decidedly toward beige and white. Not anymore! We’re all still loving cozy vibes and warm colors in our paint, furniture, and decor. Blame all the time we’ve spent at home over the past two years – we’re still craving comfy, inviting spaces rather than clean lines.

Natural Materials

We’re still on our earthy kick! Since the start of the pandemic, trends have been veering in the direction of natural materials, like wood and stone. It’s true that natural materials can be more pricey, so if you’re short on funds, choose just a few high quality pieces and fill in slowly as you go. And bonus – natural materials tend to stay in style much longer and don’t look dated as quickly as their man made counterparts.

Lots of Curves

This one is related to both listed above. When you’re looking for an inviting, wrap-your-guests-in-a-blanket feeling, curves are where it’s at! This trend is easy to implement using pillows and accent ottomans.


Not sure whether you love the textured rug or the woven one? Get both! The fall’s trend of layering isn’t new, but it’s one of our favorite ways to customize or update a space. Just add more! Adding additional rugs or blankets to boost the textural appeal is a great way to love your space even more than you already do.

Jewel Colors

If you’ve never experimented with color, now’s the time! We’re seeing incredible sofas, chairs, rugs, and wall art in deep, vivid jewel tones. It’s the perfect way to venture into something a little  more modern and a little more exciting!

Keep Your Space True to You!

No matter what you choose to update, make sure your space feels exactly the way you like it, and helps you feel at home  no matter what it contains. We’re excited to see what you add this fall 2022!


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