14 Low-Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping

Caring for your home involves the inside AND the outside. You might be fully enjoying decorating the interior of your home at Havenwood, but you may not be quite as excited about tending to the landscaping. Sure, you can hire help for the yard, but it’s empowering and sensible to create an outdoor space that’s easily maintained. Low-maintenance plants can be a great option for many homeowners! Let’s talk about some “chill” plants for your exterior today.

Drought is becoming a more prevalent threat throughout the country, and it’s a good idea to choose plants that tolerate it well. There are a few options that will help keep your yard looking chic, even when rain is scarce.


This low maintenance, drought hardy plant grows well even when moisture is scarce. The pretty purple blooms are long lasting and are a favorite of pollinators, making them a great addition to your landscaping. They can smell faintly of pineapple, and they come in a variety of colors.

Barberry Shrub

This plant thrives in a healthy dose of full sunshine, and is also capable of resisting the effects of drought. The Sunjoy Tangelo variety grows to a height of 3-4 feet, and its leaves have a bright, cheery orange color.


This plant is a stunner, and it thrives well in a wide variety of climate conditions. The spiky leaves poke outwards, and the flowers grow on a tall stalk in the center. It fills out landscaping nicely, and does well in full sun and soil that drains thoroughly.


This may be a surprise to some, but the super fragrant little plant typically does very well without a lot of fuss. It’s happiest in warm, sunny conditions and well-drained soil. If you crush the flowers in your fingers, you’ll be rewarded with an incredibly relaxing scent.

Be sure to check your specific plant zone for highly specific native growth. Plants that have lived in your area for a long time are the most likely to thrive with little care from you; they’re used to holding their own!


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