4 Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Life at your Cresleigh Meadows at Plumas Ranch home is pretty great – and now that you’re all moved in, it’s time to start thinking about wall decor! Today, we’ll be breaking down the steps to creating a gorgeous gallery wall. The spacious floor plans and flex spaces in our Meadows homes allows tons of room for innovation when it comes to decorating your walls. Let’s get rolling!

Choose a mixture of prints and textural pieces.

When planning your perfect gallery wall, make sure to assemble pieces that emphasize variety. Sure, you can create a gallery with all framed prints, but it’s more visually interesting if you choose a mixture of frames and textural pieces. What’s a textural piece? This could be a 3D piece of art, a mirror, a woven wall hanging, etc. Think even further outside the box with items like baskets, planters, or even kooky details like license plates! The most captivating gallery walls include items that draw the eye.

Be strategic with lighting.

Consider the existing lighting in your space. Is there a big window nearby? If there are lamps in the room, where does their light go? What about the shadows? To maximize the impact of a wonderful gallery wall, make sure that all your beautiful pieces are easy to see. There are tons of options for non traditional lighting – it’s not all about floor or table lamps! Bonus: a lovely light fixture can become incorporated as a visual element onto your wall as well!

Get creative with prints!

Framed art can be expensive! Don’t forget that there are ways to get creative. Choose printable options from Etsy – a download is usually quite affordable – and choose to print them at Walgreens for a higher quality finished product. Frames can be purchased from thrift stores or on sale – and don’t forget, you can paint a frame! Don’t forget that items like record sleeves or pages from magazines can be framed, too!

Create your layout before hanging.

Some of the easiest gallery wall mistakes can be fixed by doing some heavy lifting before you start pounding nails. Arrange your pieces on the floor or tape off your wall to help visualize what your finished wall will look like. There are tons of online tools to help you – and there’s even an app!

Enjoy your space!

When you’re finished with the perfect gallery wall, you’ll feel an instant lift in your space. Feeling comfortable and welcome in your home is the goal, and loving your wall art is a great first step!


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