5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Flex Space into a Home Gym

It’s possible that your flex space has become your home office space—or maybe even your kid’s playroom. No matter the current state, we think it’s important you’re feeling your best inside and out; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to turn this space into your own personal gym.

Make sure you have plenty of space

Move any small pieces of furniture to the side. You don’t want to go into downward-facing dog and hurt your head on the way down.

Get any necessary equipment

There are many things which make a workout great. Spread out a yoga mat, grab enough water, and maybe set up a fan to keep it cool. (Plus, with Cresleigh’s energy-efficient homes, using a simple room fan can save you even more money on bills.)

Do a workout that works for you

As long as you’re getting your heart pumping for 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing! Your workout should be something that you want to do, and if that’s 30 minutes of N*SYNC zoomba, we won’t tell.

Add small weights for resistance

Including 3 or 5 pound weights in your workout makes a big difference, believe it or not. If you don’t have any, try making-do with water bottles or milk jugs!

Have a place to put everything

You may be wondering: what does this have to do with a home gym? But trust us, when everything has a place to live, it’s going to be much easier to keep your flex space, well, flexible! That’s the beauty of Cresleigh Flex Spaces: they’re whatever you’d like them to be. We want to give you space to grow and adapt to any new changes that come your way. So whether your flex space is an office or a kingdom at the moment, you have the tools to make it yours for the day.


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