5 Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

Just moved in to a new home and wondering how to break the ice with your new neighbors? Here are five tops on how to get the conversation started:

Get involved.

Getting involved in the local community is sure to help you start making connections. Whether you stop by a local event or hop onto Facebook and browse local Facebook pages, this is a great way to start meeting people in the area.

Make the most of your time outside.

A new home usually comes with plenty of projects, both indoors and out. Spending the weekend gardening? Take every opportunity to be social, wave hello to passersby — even better, start up a conversation!

Turn on your oven.

Bust out your favorite cookie recipe and start baking! A kind gesture goes a long way. Baking isn’t your strong suit? Try gifting flowers instead. It’s the thought that counts!

Ask for help.

In need of a favor? Don’t hesitate to ask a neighbor. Need a bit of baking soda? Can’t find your hammer? These are great conversation starters and everyone enjoys the opportunity to be helpful and break the ice.

Host a get-together.

Last but definitely not least, offer to host a gathering. This is a great way to start making memories with your neighbors. Try a potluck or hosting a game night.



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