7 Top Summer Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2022

Ever get that itch when the seasons change? We’re not talking about mosquito bites – we’re talking about the desire to change up your decor! As the weather shifts into full summer mode, and you’re enjoying the backyard at your Cresleigh Meadows home, get some inspiration for new seasonal flair indoors with these tips!

Increase Your Green

As everything’s in full bloom outside, don’t forget to keep your indoor plant life thriving. Summer is a great time to try your hand at a new plant baby (or two, or three). Remember to stay consistent when watering, and don’t overwater! It’s a common mistake for those of us with black thumbs. Ensure your plant has adequate drainage, too.

Try New Art

Seasonal wall art is a great option – don’t forget to get creative so you don’t spend a fortune! Grab some canvases and paints and try your hand at creating something, too!

Play with Stone

Natural materials are having a moment, and summer is a great time to extend the “outdoors indoors” concept to some interesting stone pieces for your mantle, dining table, or end table.

Try Some Juicy Pops of Color

If your decor color palette is usually neutral, choose this season to play with some more vibrant shades! Throw pillows are a great way to experiment with some bold choices you might not typically seek out.

Change Up Your Paint

If you’ve been considering an accent wall or repainting a room, choose this season of light and warmth to make it happen. Blues and greens are especially “in” during the 2022 season.

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Now that summer’s here, experiment with ways to make your indoor and outdoor spaces work seamlessly together. Carry your colors into your outdoor furniture, or choose lighting both inside and outside that coordinates.

Try Tropical

It’s fun to get into the retro vibes of tropical decor – experiment with wall art, textiles, or even a rug that embraces this bold look.

Keep It True to You!

Trends aren’t gospel – they’re just some great ideas to shake up your current space with something new and fresh. We’d love to hear which trends you tried, and hope you’re thrilled with the results!


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