7 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

Tired of an office space that doesn’t inspire you? Today we’re covering 7 ways to upgrade your home office. Check ‘em out:

Add Plants

Plants not only reduce stress but they’re proven to improve productivity. A win-win right? So now the only question is, how many plants is too many? 😉

Choose the Right Rug

While the pattern of your rug is important, it is of equal importance that your rug is functional. Is your desk chair catching every time you stand up? It’s time to make a change.

Position Furniture Appropriately

Is your desk in the same room as your bed? Can’t stand the sigh of the laundry pile in the corner? Consider positioning your furniture to relieve distraction.

Choose Lighting

Lighting isn’t only important for productivity but allow your choice of light bulb to provide inspiration too! By selecting color changing light bulbs you guarantee the best lighting for your eyes at all times of day. Sounds like a bright idea!

Hang Art that inspires

Your space should not only be functional but also should inspire. Accomplish this easily by hanging art you love that includes interesting imagery.

Utilize Wall Space

Let your brainstorm session expand beyond your desktop: Utilize metal magnet board, push pin bulletin boards or white boards to get creativity flowing.

Improve Your Work Surface

Lastly and possibly of most importance, make certain your work surface is durable and clean.

What are your favorite home office tips and tricks? Share them with us!


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