8 Home Decor Spring Trends for 2022

Your new Meadows home at Plumas Ranch is officially ready for a spring refresh…but what if you’re not sure where to start?! After a long stretch of increased time inside, we’re all still discovering new ways to upgrade our space. This spring’s trends emphasize comfort, fresh air, and effortless luxury, and they’re easy to implement! Today, we’ll be chatting all about 2022 home decor trends for spring.

Upgraded Outdoor Spaces

A roomy backyard is one of the best parts of living in a Meadows home, and this spring, we’re seeing lots of ways to upgrade your outdoor space. Whether it’s new outdoor furniture or some twinkly string lights, refresh your patio to get it ready for all those backyard cocktails.

Spaces Meant for Self Care

We are learning to take better care of ourselves, and sprucing up spaces like the bathrooms and hobby rooms is a great way to prioritize our own relaxation. You might even consider converting a space in your home to optimize your hobbies.

Increased Ventilation

It’s important to get daily fresh air, and we’ve recently seen the huge impact of improving your ventilation! You may consider a whole house ventilation system, or just freshen up your window coverings to allow for increased airflow.

Green is Queen

Everyone’s loving the color green this spring! It’s natural and calming at the same time. Choose a new paint color for your walls, a piece of accent furniture, or a rug. All shades of green are welcome, but emerald green is top of the list this season.

Focus on Comfort

Choose any new furniture pieces based on their ease and comfort – not just on their style. Pillows and blankets have increased in popularity as must-have accessories as we learn to get cozy any time of year. This spring is no exception!

Grow, Baby, Grow

We’re all still very excited about plants indoors! Caring for green living things increases mental health, provides a calming ritual, and can even provide improvement in air quality. If you have a black thumb, consider some realistic fakes!

Dark Academia

This interesting trend took off this year, and features looks reminiscent of Harry Potter and other similar decor looks. Though you may not be able to apply it to your entire house, consider some small touches to experiment!

More Color

Color is here to stay. White and black, minimalist decor seems to be on the out, and lush, bright colors are in. You don’t need to create a rainbow in your home; for a more neutral look, choose different shades of the same color.

Enjoy the Change!

No matter what you choose to tweak in your space for the 2022 spring season, make sure you enjoy yourself! A wonderful, welcoming home makes you feel like you belong, and that’s always the goal!


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