A First-Time Homeowners Guide on Everything You Should Know

You’ve moved into your gorgeous home at Cresleigh Ranch Mills Station, and you’re just starting to get settled! When you’re a new home owner, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the details. We’ve compiled a helpful guide to make sure you tick all the boxes as you’re unpacking boxes and getting comfy.

Locate Your Essential Services

Your home is new to you, and you can’t be expected to know where to find everything on the first day! However, it’s critical that you take the time to find the fuse box, sewer access, gas meter, and water shut offs. In the event of an emergency, you’ll save valuable time knowing exactly where to go, and where to direct professionals like plumbers and electricians.

Check Your Safety Elements

Do a sweep of your home – are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working and properly outfitted with batteries? Though many people don’t think of it, one of the first actions you should take in your new home is to replace the locks and change the garage code, if applicable. Keys and codes can be shared widely, and it’s important that you ensure no one related to the old owner has access.

Brush Up On Your Skills (Or Learn Some New Ones!)

Sure, you can absolutely hire a professional to do any tweaks or repairs in your home, but when you’re able to take on some of the burden yourself, you can save significant money. Take the time to watch some YouTube tutorials about simple home maintenance tasks, like basic landscaping, unclogging a drain, or changing a faucet.

Take the Time to Make It Feel Like Home

There will always be an urgent to-do list facing a new home owner, but if you take the time to add a few extra touches, you can start to feel mentally settled and comfortable…and that goes a long way toward crossing off tasks! Keep your old routine, and prioritize small touches that feel familiar – like a clock, rug, or plant.


Congratulations on your new home, and wishing you all the health and happiness that life has to offer in this new space.


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