Backyard Ideas For Your New Home

Building the perfect backyard requires you to take many things into consideration. Before honing in on the aesthetics, we encourage you to think about your lifestyle and ask yourself, “How will I use this outdoor space?” Is the fence tall enough for your privacy? Do you want a garden? How about a pool?

Few things are more important than having a fence that provides adequate privacy and security. When you examine the backyard, note the level of privacy offered to you. How high is the fence? What is it made of? To create a space that encourages indoor-outdoor flexibility, it’s important to consider these factors and make a backyard that works in your favor.

Material choice can make a difference as well. For instance, cedar is often a popular choice due to its durability, resistance to rot, and affordability. You could be tempted by other types of wood, but cedar can go 30 years or more before it begins to warp!

Stone benches are especially popular to place around fire pits because of their convenience, but it’s important to place them in just the right spot to receive the full benefits of the fire—you don’t want to be too hot or too cold. When done correctly, these benches effortlessly tie together your backyard and fire pit area.

Lastly, children are another factor to consider when designing your ideal backyard. Make sure to leave enough space for messy arts and crafts that you’d rather not have on your kitchen table, or make room for “activity space” and potential projects like a swing set or tree fort. It’s your backyard, after all. Create the oasis you’ve always wanted!


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