Beautiful + Easy Easter Decor Ideas

Easter is one of our favorite holidays when it comes to decor! Spring is almost here, and Easter decorations using simple, household items couldn’t be easier. Here’s a roundup of some pretty and easy Easter decor ideas to use when hosting at your new Mills Station home!

Pretty candy eggs

Chocolate eggs aren’t just tasty; they also make great decor! Choose ones with a candy coating (these have a shimmer!) and purchase a big bulk bag. Use them on cupcakes, cakes, in place settings, or in the middle of tablescapes.

Spray painted branches

This idea is pretty close to free – create tablescapes and DIY Easter decor with branches from your backyard! Here’s a great tutorial on prepping and painting – we love white or pastel colors.

Unusual painted eggs

You might remember those little chalky tabs we always used for dying Easter eggs as kids, but there are so many more ideas for unexpected, colorful designs these days! You can even use shaving cream or whipped cream to create marbled patterns.

Easter themed confetti

Confetti is a simple, zero prep, big impact way to decorate a table!!

Wreaths using found objects

Start with a simple wood or foam circle and a hot glue gun, and get creative! We love pom poms in white or pastel colors, seed packets, plastic eggs – the sky’s the limit!

Plastic eggs with special messages

Sure, we all know those brightly colored eggs are fun for egg hunts – but uplevel them with a special, personalized message inside – like a fortune cookie!

Paper lanterns

We love the pastel shades on these – and they can be reused next year, too!

Twinkle lights

They’re not just for winter holidays; some teeny tiny twinkle lights are gorgeous on a springtime table, too!

Dried florals

Though fresh flowers are always a great choice, don’t discount dried – particularly when they’re dainty – as wonderful Easter decor!

Decorative grasses

These can look great in fresh or faux varieties!

Crafts made by your kiddos

Celebrations are sweeter when decorations are crafted by tiny hands! We’ve got a great tutorial list here.

Easter tree

These come in so many styles, but they make a wonderful centerpiece.

Enjoy Your Holiday!

No matter what decor you choose, remember that this holiday is all about celebrating new life, love, and togetherness among family! Enjoy.


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