Creating Your New Gallery Wall

You’re loving the wall space in your new home at Plumas Ranch, but you’re not sure how to best decorate it! Today, we’re talking about tips to create a designer feel on your new walls. Gallery walls are a great way to use space with a diverse range of decorative items, and with just a few pointers, you can create a great one in your home.

Choose prints and pictures of different sizes

One of the best ways to keep your gallery wall looking visually appealing is to curate a collection of art that varies in size. Look for different shapes if possible, too. This helps the finished product look fresh rather than staged.

Integrate woven pieces

Besides framed art, try woven pieces like baskets, colorful wall hangings, or even play with macrame for a touch of boho. Varied textures and textiles really help to warm up your space and make things feel cozy, even when they’re on the walls!

Choose vintage finds

This is a great opportunity to think outside the box. Maybe you can incorporate a metal sign, like this one advertising fresh strawberries. Think about any accessories you may have gathered as souvenirs in your travels.

Small shelf with a plant

Every room looks great with a bit of green, and plants are a wonderful way improve mental health, too! Try a small shelf with a succulent, or find a realistic looking faux option if you don’t want to worry about care.

Whatever you choose, enjoy getting creative with your gallery wall! The more personalized, the better. Let your inner style shine through.


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