DIY Valentine’s Day Balloon Arch

Decorating for a party in your new Havenwood home can often feel intimidating…and it can often get expensive! A simple balloon arch is a great way to add a gorgeous focal point to your decor, and it’s so much easier than it looks! We’re loving a balloon accent for birthdays, showers, and holiday parties; the sky is the limit. Once you’ve tried the technique, you’ll be hooked.

Gather Your Supplies

Start off with balloons in bulk; we recommend a combination of about 75 balloons for a good sized accent piece. Try to get balloons that vary in size as well as color! You will have some control over how large they are when you blow them up, of course. Helium is a great option if you can get it, but you can just use a pump to inflate your balloons. Make sure you have a good variety of sizes.

Here’s the secret! Once you’ve used a balloon strip, you’ll never go back! These strips feature holes to place your balloon ties; this helps keep everything together. This kit comes with glue dots; these help secure your balloons to one another to ensure even spacing.

Assemble and Mount

Once you’ve inflated your balloons, insert them into the strip in alternating colors and patterns. Mount your balloon arch to the wall, then fill in any gaps with smaller balloons, using glue dots to secure.

Enjoy the Party!

Now, all that’s left is to watch your guests enjoy your decor! It’s always a party when you have the ones you love around you!


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