DIY Wood Accent Walls

What if we told you paneled walls are BACK?! Would you believe us?! We’re here to introduce you to some totally updated, deliciously modern wood panel designs that are nothing like the vertical pine slats of yesteryear. And now that you’ve officially settled into your Havenwood home, you just might be thinking about small ways to customize your space and get just a little bit funky!

Shiplap Style

This design is probably the easiest to identify – and you’ve probably seen versions of it before! We often think of shiplap as a white design, but it actually refers to the shape of the boards and how they’re fastened together. You can use natural tones for your shiplap wood wall and completely change the feeling of the technique. Start with some simple tutorials as you get the hang of it!

Not ready for real wood slabs? Try using peel and stick wood panels! There are plenty of tutorials and guides for using the product, and the results are stunning.

Patterns Galore

Looking for something a little more distinctive? Try one of these techniques using reclaimed wood – the shapes vary and are used in various patterns to create a look that is truly one of a kind. Using reclaimed wood allows you to play with the pattern of the grain, as well.

Small Section

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full wall of wood panels or squares, try a small section of your wall bordered by shelves – like this example in a sweet nursery. It’s a great look without the fullest expression of the trend. You can go piece by piece!

Paneled Walls

This type can include anything from an edge geometric design to a more traditional board and batten pattern. Create a more formal vibe or go entirely outside the box with paneling – and it’s nothing like the wood panels you remember from Grandma’s basement!

Enjoy your new look!

No matter which direction you choose to go, trying a unique wood wall is one of the best ways to experiment with your home decor. Don’t be afraid to go bold – it’s your space, and you should love it!


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