Easy Christmas Crafts

It’s easy to feel the pressure over the holiday season; with your new home at Plumas Ranch, you’re feeling the expectation to become a whimsical decorator. However, there are so many ways to brighten your home over the holiday season that DON’T require you to possess any artistic ability whatsoever. Let’s get into some simple, gorgeous DIY’s that won’t take more than a few minutes! Time is always better spent with loved ones, so let’s get the decorating done.

Let Your Light Shine

The look of a home all lit with candles sounds dreamy, but the reality of kids and pets often means it’s a bit too risky to fill your room with real flames. Turn to battery powered options! Battery powered tea lights last a really, really long time, and they’re perfect for bookshelves, window ledges or the table. For added drama, you can even choose battery operated tapers!

Keep It Natural

Use real branches, pinecones, and other materials to decorate your table. You can even think outside the box and use succulents to create a wreath; bonus points, it will be seasonally appropriate even after the holidays are done.

When In Doubt, Add a Bow

Do you think you’ll try any of these decor ideas? Leave us a comment, we’d love to know!

Keep It Fun!

No matter how you choose to decorate, make sure to remember that your house looks best when it’s filled with laughter and joy. That’s something that no amount of fancy decorations can truly recreate!


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