Embracing ‘Ki’ to Create a Peaceful Backyard

Whether you’ve heard of ki before or not, you’ve probably embodied one or two of the principles when designing your backyard. Meaning more or less “true essence,” ki is a Japanese concept that encourages you to work with the natural landscape, not against it. Read on to learn more about this fascinating approach to landscaping.

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You’ll find four essential ingredients in every Japanese garden: water, rocks, plants, and decorations. Odd numbers, asymmetry, and crisp, geometric lines juxtaposed with soft edges are also important components. There are lanterns and bridges, always in harmony with their surroundings. There are the mosses, artfully carved pines, and maples; paths—the more precarious the better—invite a careful, contemplative pace that becomes a meditation.

Our team loves the natural look of these gardens, so we thought—how could we emulate this in a Cresleigh backyard? After all, when you buy a new home, your backyard is a canvas just waiting for some inspiration!

First, remember that asymmetrical designs are encouraged, even preferred, when creating a space utilizing ki. When selecting plants, opt for a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes, and try to group foundation plantings like columnar trees and evergreen shrubs in odd numbers for good luck. Asymmetry can be easily accomplished with the artful placement of containers; try to group them at angles to one another rather than in tight rows.

Second, incorporating water in some way is key. A small fountain or water feature would be the perfect addition to any backyard.
Third, make sure to listen! Sound is just as important in ki as sight. Wind chimes and tall grasses create a pleasant soundscape that only adds to the serenity in your garden.

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Lastly, think about the view beyond your yard as well. Maybe your neighbor has an especially beautiful camellia bush, or tall tree. Selectively prune your plants to enjoy not only your hard work, but theirs, as well!
Do you think you’ll implement any aspects of ki into your garden? Let us know in the comments.


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