5 Ways to Light your Home

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Daylight Savings Time! When we change the clocks backward, there’s an immediate shift, and the shorter days and early darkness can feel hard to get used to. Today, we’re talking about some fun and creative ways to bring some light into the darkness. Shorter days don’t have to mean sadder ones! Embrace the hygge (a Danish word for cozy togetherness in the dark months) and bring some light into your space in your Havenwood home.

Choose Lamps with Appropriate Bulbs

As a general rule, overhead lighting is often more harsh, and lamps can add more of a glow to a space. However, the feeling of your lighting can most often be attributed to the type and color of bulb you use. Experiment with different colors and levels of power when it comes to your bulb; or even choose a lamp that offers a variation of both!

Consider Cozy Alternatives

Nowadays, there are tons of battery operated options that you can leave burning long into the night – and they provide a great amount of light, too! Battery operated tea lights can quickly and easily line a windowsill and bring a warm, cozy glow to your space – and there are even sets that come with a remote control for easy on-off action. When it comes to pillar candles, choose ones made of real wax (with a battery operated light and wick), and you’ll be surprised how much they look like the real thing, while adding safe and enjoyable light to your winter space.

Maximize Natural Light

When decorating, make sure you don’t obscure any natural light with too-heavy curtains or obtrusive furniture. Ensure that your window coverings are easily accessible, so you can pull up the shades or twist open the blinds easily. Any sunshine is good sunshine, and should be enjoyed accordingly! As the days get shorter, enjoying all the good old fashioned sunshine you can get can be a game changer.

Enjoy Candles

This is a wonderful option for a hygge atmosphere, and is the perfect choice when you’re going to be home enjoying the sight and smell of candles. Remember, candles with flame are not appropriate for leaving lit when you’re not around! Choose a candle with a wood wick to add some additional sensory delight – they sound a bit like a crackling fire! There are so many incredible candle companies offering a huge range of sniffs, and it’s easy to find something you love. Not into scents? There’s always non-fragrance candles, too.

Bring the Holidays Year Round

If you celebrate the holidays with a lit tree, wreaths, a menorah, or other similar decor, consider ways to keep the lights burning through the entire winter. A lit tree doesn’t have to be “Christmasy,” – consider adding string lights to a large floor plant, or draping some around your headboard. Play with candle holders and tapered candles on your dining table even after the holiday season. It can be a great way to boost your mood, too! 

Don’t let the darkness get you down – get creative and boost the light in your space!


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