Haunting Your House for Halloween

Getting your home prepped for a SPOOK-tacular Halloween season? Start with a few pointers from us over here at Cresleigh Homes! Read on for the best tricks and treats to make your house the most festive and *haunted* of all.

Get your craft on.

Have leftover amazon boxes lying around? What about some craft paint? Simply transform an old box into tombstones, monsters or even ghosts! Witches’ legs poking out of the ground? Yes please!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins.

What is Halloween without pumpkins? Whether plastic or real, the more the merrier in this case. Fill your porch steps with them and as the big day gets closer grab your carving knife and get those jack-o-lanterns carved.

Add a Cobweb or Two.

Nothing says “Creepy” quite like a large spider web. Pick a corner and spread this fun decor item thin to make it super realistic.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for this time of year? Let us know in the comments below!


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