How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night

Yes you’re Cresleigh Home backyard is amazing night and day, but have you experienced it under the lovely glow of an outdoor movie? This fall weather is just begging for an excuse to cozy up outside. Today we’re bringing you all the tips on how to create the perfect outdoor movie night experience:


Decide how you’ll set your movie up for the best viewing experience. While an old school white sheet could do the trick, you may want to invest in a screen to go along with your projector.

Craft the perfect menu

The last thing you want is to hit pause mid movie to whip up dinner. Make the night special with the addition of some old fan favorites: freshly popped popcorn and ice cold beverages.

Map out your furniture

Your patio furniture should be situated to accommodate the number of guests in attendance. Add throw blankets and pillow cushions for supreme comfort.

Ready to hit play? We can smell the popcorn from here.


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