How to Decorate Your New Home

When you’re in the process of looking for, then purchasing a new home, it’s easy to keep all your focus on practical matters. But now that you’re ready to move into your new home at Meadows, it’s time to think about the fun stuff – decorating your new space! However, it can definitely feel daunting – especially when time and funds may be limited due to the recent move. Today, we’re getting you started with some practical tips to start your decorating journey in a way that feels fun and accessible, no matter your constraints.

Prioritize your rooms

There’s much to be done, and many rooms to be decorated! Think about the rooms you’ll use most, or spend most time in, and focus your efforts there first. Don’t think about entertaining yet; when you have guests over, they can share the space you use the most, too!

Think about layers

The loveliest looks don’t come in a furniture set; instead, they’re often collections of beautiful pieces that are gathered over time. When you’re starting out in a brand new home, it can be easy to feel like you have to have everything finished right NOW, but that’s not the case. Get your large pieces of furniture in place, as well as lighting and rugs, to make things comfortable, and then layer in additional pieces of beauty and whimsy as you go.

Start with the big pieces

What’s the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom? THE BED! What’s the most important piece in the living room? THE COUCH! It’s not rocket science, but sometimes we need a reminder to focus on the big stuff first! Choose colors and styles for those anchor pieces, and it will help the rest of the room come together.

Check out free design services

Some home furnishing stores will offer free or low-cost design services to help get you started. Why not use what they’re offering? You can start with Crate and Barrel, Sherwin Williams, and West Elm, just to name a few!

Don’t forget to enjoy the process! Once you’re settled into the home of your dreams, the decor will come. Stay patient, creative, and excited, and you’ll be fine!


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