How to Host a Backyard Movie Night

The temps are dipping, and that can mean only one thing…outdoor entertaining! Sure, you can enjoy a glass of wine and nibble some cheese under the string lights on your Havenwood patio, but sometimes, you just want to kick things up a notch. We’ve got the perfect idea – an outdoor movie night! With just a little preparation, you’ll wow your guests and create a truly unique experience for everyone. Today, we’ll be offering some practical tips to create the perfect outdoor movie night this fall.

Purchase (or borrow) a projector

When it comes down to it, the projector is the only piece of required technology; the screen is easy to DIY. If you’ve got a great backyard and plan to host many movie nights in the future, spring for a projector of your own! It’s an easy way to make incredible memories for birthday parties, sleepovers, holiday get-togethers, and more. Whether you’re ready to go all out, or you’re looking for a budget option, there’s a wide range of available projectors. You’re sure to find one in your price range! Not ready to buy? Try renting – or better yet, borrow one from a friend!

Find the perfect screen

There are so many options when it comes to your screen! You can buy a sleek model, or just use the side of a blank wall, or even a large canvas cloth tied to supports. If you’re looking for something quick and rustic, a sheet may even work! If you’re looking for something big on size, try an inflatable screen; they’re surprisingly affordable.

Tidy your yard

Make sure that the area is in tip top shape before you begin setting up. Clear away leaves, twigs, and other debris. Move any large lawn furniture so it doesn’t obscure the view of the screen. Decide which direction your screen will face, and make sure there’s ample room for chairs and other seating. Have a fire pit or other outdoor accessories? Set up a separate station to enjoy for guests who might want to take a break from the movie.

Create a vibe with layered accessories

When it comes to decorating your space for an outdoor movie, more is more! Consider rugs, blankets, and pillows as well as upright seating. Choose candles or other outdoor lighting options, and make sure that they’re dim enough not to interfere with the light from the projector. Place blankets on chairs and on top of rugs to encourage guests to snuggle in!

Choose your flick!

Consider the ages and tastes of your guests when selecting a movie. Unless all folks are interested in a scary movie, make sure to choose something that feels cozy, not creepy. Serve up your snacks and enjoy an incredible outdoor experience!


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