2023 Colors of the Year

It’s almost 2023…and we’re looking forward to the hottest trends of the New Year with anticipation! You’ll likely be happy to know that this year is all about cozy comfort when it comes to home decor. Looks like everyone’s feeling like they need a snug place to rest at the end of a long day! Today, we’re diving into core trends and color palettes that are sure to be big this year. As always, enjoy the idea of new colors and patterns in your home, but don’t feel obligated to switch everything up! Enjoy what love and use these ideas for inspiration only – if it feels good, do it!

Base Notes

This year, the color palette for homes is sure to include rich earth tones and cozy neutrals. Of course, pops of color are always welcome, but choose an underlying palette that creates a peaceful feeling in every room.

Embrace Brown

In past years, gray has been king, but this year’s emphasis on natural tones is ushering a new golden era of brown. Embrace the shade from chocolate to ochre, and don’t be afraid to put it in unexpected places!

Vibrant Orangey-Reds

Though this probably won’t be your signature color throughout the entire house, play with vibrant shades that inspire you to wake up and be your best self. The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Raspberry Blush. Talk about a statement!

Bright Colors in Softer Shades

Did you know that you can adjust the shade of a color to help it fit in with a more muted palette? If you love a particular shade this year, especially one of the bright ones like the bold reds that are making a statement, play with varying shades to help integrate new vibes into your current decor.

Jewel Tones

If you’re someone who loves a rich shade, this is the year for you! Even when it comes to wall colors, we’re loving the new emphasis on jewel tones throughout the home. It’s a great way to infuse some moody vibes in unexpected places!

Live Your Best Life In Your Unique Home

Whatever you choose for your home decor, know that it’s most important that you love where you live! Don’t get caught up on trends and “must-dos” – instead, focus on what brings you joy in this New Year. That’s what’s most important, after all!


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