How To Start Your Own Salad Garden

Most salad greens are cool weather crops making April the PERFECT time to start planting that salad garden you’ve always dreamed of.. And we’ve got great news: it’s even easier than you think!

We’ll start with the “Why.” Why plant a salad garden you ask? There are many benefits to growing your own greens:

  • The freshness is unbeatable
  • The flavor is notably better
  • And you have the assurance of safe (pesticide free) greens

Now that we’re all clear on WHY you should grow your own greens, let’s discuss the first step: picking the right site.

You’ll want to assess what is best for your yard and your lifestyle; will you utilize containers, window-boxes, fabric bags, planters? Or go the more traditional route with a garden bed? The majority of fast-growing greens like leaf lettuce, arugula, and baby spinach are shallow-rooted meaning that they don’t need a deep layer of soil to succeed (hungry yet?). In addition to establishing the container, you’ll want to establish a sunny or partially shaded site.

Next up, consider the following:

  • Take care to have proper soil: Salad greens grow best in fertile soil, so dig in some compost or well-rotted manure before planting. 
  • Seeds versus seedlings: With greens like arugula, leaf lettuce, and baby kale ready to harvest just 30 to 40 days from seeding, direct sowing is the way to go!
  • Keep the water flowing: Because most types of salad crops are shallow-rooted and fast-growing, they require an even supply of moisture. If the soil is dry for an extended period of time, the plants may bolt or the leaves will become bitter.

So tell us, what will you start planting? Will it be an Arugula salad with Shaved Parm or an Apple Spinach salad gracing your tables next month? Enjoy!


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