How To Take Apart A Sofa For Moving

Moving can be a huge headache, but one that’s totally worth it if you’re moving into a Brighton Station home! If  you take some additional time to prepare, moving doesn’t have to be an awful process. When it comes to moving issues, one of the most common is getting large pieces of furniture stuck. Sofas, in particular, can cause plenty of problems, but if you take apart your sofa, the process is much easier.

Prepare in Advance

In an ideal world, you’ll know how to take your sofa apart because you were the one to put it together. In that case, make sure to reference any manuals or materials that might have come along with it. If you managed to get the sofa in your home without any disassembly, make sure you take the time now, before moving to your new location, to make sure you know exactly what to do. Gather your materials – it’s a good idea to have both kinds of screwdrivers, a staple puller, pliers, an allen wrench, and a hammer with a claw to remove nails.

Take It Piece by Piece

Start with the cushions, taking care to store them in protective bags until you reach your moving destination. The legs can typically come off next, which allows for much greater range of motion. If this will give you enough clearance, there’s no need to disassemble further. If you’re still struggling, you can usually remove the arms. Start with the upholstery attached to the sofa, pulling out the staples, then uncover the screws that hold the arms in place. These can be removed and later reattached.

Moving can feel like a huge headache, but planning helps to ease the hassle. Search YouTube for videos and tutorials on moving and disassembling furniture. If possible, Google your exact sofa model and see if anyone has already done the hard work of recording how they moved it. 


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