Ideas for Styling your Kitchen Counters

Ahh…you’re all set to enjoy the incredible countertops at your new Havenwood home – they’re so much space! However, it’s easy to get a bit sidetracked – how do you use the space effectively while still keeping things attractive? No one likes cluttered countertops, but a tastefully decorated kitchen can feel like the coziest room around. Today, we’re talking about how to style your kitchen counters!

Consider a Coffee Station

Lots of folks keep their coffee maker on the countertop, but you can uplevel your set up with a full range coffee station. Include your coffee maker of choice, pretty mugs on a decorative hook, and a little array of sweeteners and flavorings. If you choose decorative options, it will be a treat for the eye as well as the taste buds!

Choose Cute Containers for Spices and Oils

Sure, you’ll definitely have a spice cabinet in your kitchen, but with a gorgeous countertop comes the opportunity to create a beautiful display with a mortar and pestle, pretty salt bowl, or artisan pepper shaker. Take the time to curate lovely bottles for your oils, and you’ll have a decoration that doubles as a set of ingredients!

Invest in Jars for Ingredients

Speaking of raw materials, find some attractive glass jars with chalkboard labels for ingredients like pasta or flour. Choose items that you use regularly and will be handy when kept near the sink and the stove. When it’s displayed in a lovely container, it looks like decor!

Treats Double as Decor

Find a domed glass plate to store your croissants or pastries, and you’ll have treats for guests and a decoration all in one! The same applies for fresh fruit. Baskets can work particularly well, here, too! Keeping snacks displayed in an attractive way on the counter also helps them get eaten in a timely fashion, too! No more moldy oranges!

Try an Herb Garden

Nothing’s prettier than fresh, green growing things in your kitchen! Plant small herbs like sage, cilantro, or parsley in little pots and let them grow in the sunshine. They’ll double as ambiance, and they’ll be handy to add to your recipes as you cook!

Keep Things Tidy

No matter what elements you choose to decorate your countertops, keep the system consistent! Wipe down your countertops daily to ensure that crumbs, dust, and spatters don’t collect. If things are neat and tidy, it makes things even more attractive!


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