Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Once you’ve settled into your Havenwood home, it’s time to turn your attention to the exterior. When it comes to landscaping, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing and transforming your outdoor space. However, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can lead to disappointment or costly repairs down the line! Here are some landscaping mistakes to avoid:

Not considering your climate

It’s important to choose plants and materials that are suitable for your climate. Plants that are not suited to your region will struggle to thrive and may eventually die, leading to wasted time and money.

Failing to plan ahead

Before you start digging and planting, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. This includes considering the size and shape of your outdoor space, the sun and shade patterns, and any existing structures or features. Failing to plan ahead can lead to mismatched or overcrowded plantings and a cluttered, disorganized look.

Not considering maintenance

While a lush, green lawn and colorful flower beds may look beautiful, they also require regular maintenance. Be sure to factor in the time and resources needed to keep your landscaping looking its best. This includes watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding.

Ignoring drainage issues

Poor drainage can lead to standing water and flooded gardens, which can damage plants and create a breeding ground for pests. Be sure to properly grade your outdoor space to ensure proper drainage, and consider installing a drainage system if necessary.

Planting too close to the house

It’s important to leave enough space between your house and any plants or trees. Overgrown plants can damage foundations and siding, and trees with shallow root systems can cause issues with sidewalks and driveways.

Using too much mulch

While mulch can help retain moisture and suppress weeds, it’s important to use it sparingly. Too much mulch can lead to suffocated plants and a cluttered, unkempt appearance.

Not using proper tools

Using the wrong tools or using them improperly can lead to damaged plants and frustration. Invest in quality tools and be sure to properly maintain them to ensure the best results.

By avoiding these common landscaping mistakes, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come. Proper planning, consideration of your climate and maintenance needs, and using the right tools can help you create a stunning landscape that adds value to your home.


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