Moving and Packing Tips for Your Smoothest Move Yet

It’s official – you’re moving into your new home at Havenwood! As exciting as it may be to start your new life in a fresh space, the process of moving can feel a bit overwhelming. There’s so much to consider, and so much organization required! Today, we’re talking about practical tips to make your move smooth and simple. Everyone wants that, right?!

Start by Decluttering

This tip feels a bit self explanatory, but it’s crucial. The less you have to move, the less work it will be! Take the time to purge your closets, shelves, and cabinets before it’s time to pack everything into boxes…and you’ll have an easier task ahead of you. Need some help deciding what to keep and what to donate or toss? Take some time to get your mindset right – if you no longer find use or joy in an item, pass it on to someone who might!

Book Your Services Early

Renting a truck? Hiring movers? Coordinating friends and family? The earlier you can secure any or all of these services, the better. Don’t leave things til the last minute; make sure everyone and everything you need is reserved ahead of time.

Keep Everything in One Spot

Start a physical space and a virtual spot for moving documents. You’ll likely be working with printed copies (receipts for the moving truck, etc) and also emails (confirmations, etc), so make sure you have a central location for everything. It will save time and stress looking for important materials!

Pack Thoughtfully

Though it can be tempting to shove everything in as few boxes as possible, arranging your items according to room will prevent items getting misplaced, and will help your unpacking process immensely. Pack heavier items on the bottom, choose the right size boxes for large items, and label each box clearly with its contents and where it’s going in the new home.

Pack Fragile Kitchen Items With Care

When moving dishes, make sure to take the time to pack them carefully; otherwise, you may end up having to replace them! Glass should be packed in specific containers with separate spaces for each one. Pack plates with separate wrapping, then padding between sets of five or six.

Keep Calm and Focus on the Goal!

Through the moving process, stress can run high. Make sure to focus on your goal (a beautiful new home) and have patience through the ups and downs of the journey. Take the time to sort through the emotions of saying goodbye to a new place and hello to another. It’s a big step! You’ll be settled and happy before you know it.


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