New Years Day Recipes

Other holidays get all the attention, but this year, in your new Havenwood home, you want New Year’s Day to get all the love! You’re hosting, and you want your guests to remember the event for all the yummy food you’ll serve. Today, we’re offering a roundup of classics and new favorites to try! Let’s start New Year’s off on the right fork!

The Classics

If you’re a traditionalist, you’ve got plenty of options for New Year’s Day! The recipe that tops the list is Black Eyed Peas! Nope, not the band…this dish combines hearty beans and sausage with some extra veggies to help kickstart your New Year’s resolutions. Yum!

Citrus Roasted Salmon is a great option for lunch, brunch, or dinner! Traditionally, fish symbolize prosperity, luck, and progress, so they’re a great choice for the first day of the New Year.

The Drinks

By this time in the holiday season, you just might be a bit ready for something a little lighter that helps you get started in 2022 with a clear head! Consider a mocktail! Think fresh juices and sparkling water with some mint, orange, or pomegranate seeds for garnish. We love this Sunrise Mocktail recipe – it’s perfect for the kiddos, too! Craving something a little more sophisticated? There are great non-alcoholic spirits on the market today that amp up the complex flavors without any hangover.


For dessert, try something that also symbolizes good luck, like this Almond Cake. It’s sweet but not too sweet, which sounds just right after a lot of indulgent days of Christmas cookies!

Let’s Do This, 2022!

No matter what your New Year’s Day plans, we hope you are healthy, happy, and ready to take on new challenges as we roll into a brand new calendar year.


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