One easy trick to keep your garden green year-round

The best part of living in the Sacramento region is the wonderful weather year-round, and we love taking advantage of that with some gardening! It’s a great way to relieve some stress and make your house shine.

Here’s a pro-tip for keeping a lush, green garden year-round: plant some citrus! Because they’re actually evergreen, they never lose their leaves; plus, eventually you’ll grow some delicious fruits. Growing citrus well typically requires a warm, frost-free climate — citrus trees are sensitive to frost and temperatures below 30°F — so they’re perfect for Sacramento County. Prevent harm from frost by planting your citrus in a pot and moving it closer to your home in the winter. Although that won’t be a problem for a few months, now.

Spring is the perfect time to introduce one of these beauties to your garden, and we know a few varieties that will really make your garden shine (and their unique taste will make you wonder why you haven’t done this sooner)!

  • Calamondin seedless mandarin: Like the mandarins you find in the store, but from your own backyard!
  • Australian Finger Lime: Also known as the caviar of citrus, these finger-shaped fruits are loaded with juicy capsules that are sure to thrill your taste buds.
  • Variegated Kumquat: These small fruits are visually interesting and ripen like an orange, but can be eaten skin and all for a juicy sour kick. Plus, their cream-tinged leaves add dimension to any garden.

If planting in a pot, make sure to provide adequate drainage and keep in a spot with plenty of sunlight. Water deeply! In no time you’ll have a lush garden filled with delicious citrus fruits.


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