Outdoor Plants That Survive The Cold Winter Months In Planters

Cool (or even frigid!) winter temps don’t have to mean that your yard looks less than lovely. Thanks to our specific gardening tips, you can have outdoor plants that survive – and thrive – all year long. Today, we’re looking at some specific plant types that can last through the cold winter in planters. We hope you’ll get inspired to plant some of your own to enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond!

Blue Spruce

This beauty feels reminiscent of the holidays and looks gorgeous when it’s covered in snow. It’s hardy in zones 2-7, which makes it a great choice for a large portion of the country.

Siberian Cypress

This plant has its origins in the chilly mountains of Russia, so it won’t have a problem surviving in the yard – even if your home is in a cold climate. It lasts throughout the winter and looks pretty when dusted with flurries, too!

Dwarf Spruce

If you want your winter garden to look holiday fresh all year long, dwarf spruces are a great choice. They are tolerant of both drought and heat, too, and grow well in Zones 2-7.


These little guys are some of the hardiest plants around, and they can survive a wide variety of temperatures throughout the year. Plant them in pots and cover their roots with mulch, then just wait for them to make a reappearance in the spring.

Lily of the Valley

These flowers look delicate, but the plants can actually stand up to some serious cold. They’ll bloom again in the spring with blossoms that look just like little fairy bells.


There’s a reason you see these flowers planted widely throughout much of the Midwest – they can survive freezing temperatures. Their blossoms are cheerful and colorful, and they’ll definitely beautify your space when the flowers appear!

Live Outdoors This Winter

No matter what you choose for your garden, take the time to beautify your outdoor space and enjoy the plants you’ve grown – whether they bloom in the winter or summer. When you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll reap plenty of emotional, mental, and physical benefits, so plant and enjoy!


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