Preparing the Perfect 4th of July BBQ

Could there be a better holiday than the 4th of July? It’s ideally timed – right in the middle of summer – and it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Now that we’ve got our Cresleigh Havenwood home all set up with a pergola and outdoor furniture, we can’t wait to host our very own festive barbeque! Today, we’re walking through all the details for hosting a perfect bash.

Don’t Skimp on the Decorations!

Let’s go red, white, and blue! Think festive cups, napkins, and plates…but don’t forget tablecloths and centerpieces. You can choose individual options, or order a party pack so it all comes in one set. Many options even come with streamers, headbands, and noise makers for your guests!

Consider Timing and Weather

Take a look at your backyard and make sure there’s enough seating and shade for guests to enjoy. Consider where the sun hits throughout the day, and accommodate accordingly. If you’re going to be partying after sunset, make sure you’ve got some string lights or outdoor illumination – no one wants to be tripping in the dark!

Offer a Variety of Food Options

Although 4th of July celebrations often involve a grill, consider the dietary needs and preferences of your guests. Variety is key, here! Offer some hearty vegetarian options (and vegan if needed) so that people have a choice in what they’d like to eat. Even if you aren’t hosting any veggie-only guests, the week of the 4th is often filled with barbeques, and your peeps might be ready for something a little less heavy than another big burger!

Get Creative with Activities

It’s usually hot on the 4th, so get inventive with ways to keep everyone entertained and cool. Try some water balloon games, get a sprinkler for the kids, or even snag a little wading pool for adults to dip their feet! Don’t forget the sparklers or some small noisemakers, but check your local and municipal rules for any variety of fireworks.

Enjoy Your Friends and Family!

This year, we’re all appreciating the extra time to spend together eating great food and celebrating our country’s birthday. Make sure to do enough planning ahead of time so you can really enjoy your event. Happy 4th!


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