10 Herbs to Plant in Fall – in Gardens and Containers

Sure, we often think of planting as a spring and early summer activity. But planting in the fall? Absolutely! There are a variety of herbs that thrive when started in pots and containers in the cooler months, and they can easily be brought indoors if the weather turns inclement. And let’s face it – who doesn’t want fresh chives on the windowsill of their Plumas Ranch home? There’s nothing like the taste of fresh herbs in your favorite dish! Today, we’ll be talking about plants that do well when planted in the fall months.


From garnish to flavor, this plant offers tons of options for cooking, and it’s full of health benefits, too! You can create homeopathic teas with this natural diuretic; there’s even more benefit when you’ve grown it yourself.


Some love it, and some love to hate it…but if you’re a cilantro fan, imagine the delight of growing the fresh flavors right in your home! Cilantro any time? Yes, please! And if you’ve ever wondered why the reaction to this herb is so extreme, you may be interested to know it’s actually in your genes!


Picture stuffing your turkey with homegrown herbs this Thanksgiving. Do yourself a favor and start the process by planting some sage.


Aromatic and flavorful, thyme can be a bright star in a variety of dishes. From soups to meats, this fresh option is perfect for adding a bit of zing.


Though it can be used for an excellent flavoring, this herb is also often used in medicines.


Milder than onions, chives add a delicate flavor to all manner of salads and other prepared dishes. They’re a great garnish, too!


It’s an aromatic with use in baking and cooking, too; there are so many ways to use fresh and dried lavender flowers. From relaxation to flavor, it’s a great option to add to your baking!


You haven’t had pizza or focaccia until you’ve tried it with fresh rosemary! Grow this hardy option in a pot on your windowsill and enjoy the fruits of your labor all year.

Lemon Balm

If you’re an inspiring herbalist, you’ll love adding lemon balm to your garden. Used in calming teas and tinctures, lemon balm is a fantastic option to expand your homeopathic repertoire.


Once you’ve grown used to fresh mint in your home, you’ll never go back. Muddle a few leaves into your favorite cocktail, or mix up a cooling sparkling water. It’s incredibly easy to grow; keep it in its pot in order to prevent it from taking over your garden!

Get Creative With Your Herbs!

Once your potted herbs are blooming, make sure to use (and give them away!) all year round. Enjoy the crisp fall temps with some beautiful new growth. Want to preserve extra herbs? Chop them fine, add them to ice cube trays, fill with olive oil and freeze. Perfect for recipes all year round!


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