The Complete Fall Yard Cleanup Guide

Fall is one of the most gorgeous seasons to enjoy outdoors! Unfortunately, it also creates quite a bit of mess for homeowners to clean up! Your home at Havenwood has some ideal outdoor living space that needs a bit of TLC before the cooler months set in. How do you make sure your yard is ready for what’s to come? Today, we’re talking about how to clean up your yard for fall!

Remove any debris

For this first step, make sure to check on any local rules where you live. How is yard waste properly disposed of? In some communities, you’ll need to gather and bag any yard debris (including leaves and twigs) to be picked up. This can necessitate purchase of bags or tags. In some areas, you may be able to create a sweet-smelling bonfire with some of the sticks and twigs! Make sure to double check before you light anything up, however – and make sure to always use a safe fire container that’s in good condition.

Don’t stop the MOW

Even if your grass may not be growing quickly anymore, don’t stop mowing just yet. Frequently, as the weather cools, the growth may simply slow; it’s not totally stopped. Until your yard has completely stopped growing for the season, make sure to continue mowing to keep your grass healthy and fresh!

Remove any dead plants

This one can be a bit sad – but if you’ve got a tree or shrub that didn’t survive the season, make sure you remove it before the cooler months set in! Unfortunately, dead plants only serve to create an eye sore, and if they’re removed, you’ll have more space for fresh and healthy plants to take their place.

Aerate your lawn

Fall is the perfect time to aerate – or add additional holes for your lawn to breathe and rejuvenate over the winter. You can purchase or rent an aeration machine – it’s a great idea to go in on the price with neighbors for maximum savings.

Don’t forget fertilizer

Even though peak growing season may have passed, it’s the perfect time to put on fertilizer before winter. Research the best brands for your particular climate and make sure to ask an expert at the garden store if you need any help.

Mulch around trees and bushes

Even though mulching is often a spring-time task, it’s a great idea to do as the weather turns colder. This can help preserve your perennials beneath a warm blanket, and it can discourage weeds from popping up next season.

Enjoy a fresh space all winter!

After you’ve cleaned out your yard, don’t forget to enjoy it during the cooler months! A roaring fire pit and warm scarves are often the best way to take advantage of longer nights with friends. Happy fall!


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