The Rise of the Home Office

You’ve moved into your brand new Havenwood home, and you’re quickly getting settled and loving life! As you determine what goes where, you’re likely thinking about the way you live and work and how to use the space effectively. We’d love to suggest ways to optimize Havenwood’s thoughtful floor plans and optional home office space.

The Havenwood community is new on the scene, and it’s designed to accommodate the recent reality that many of us are working from home, either full or part time, for the foreseeable future. The design of these new builds take that into account, and it can make your life much easier! What’s important to include when you’re setting up your home office?

Consider your space

In some homes, you may need to sacrifice a bedroom to make room for your home office, but our homes in the Havenwood community include optional offices! Think about a space that has plenty of light and air; you’ll need both for your mental health!

Be thoughtful with technology

It’s important to have fast internet access and reliable connection in order to make sure you stay productive all day. Havenwood homes come with All Ready smart home features, and if you need more tips on optimizing your internet connection, there are many great resources online.

Mind your posture

Sitting at a desk all day can create a seriously sore body, but there are ways to optimize your positioning and encourage activity even when you’re mainly working on a computer. Explore options like stand up desks, ergonomic desk chairs, and devices to make sure your laptop is perched at the appropriate height.

A little planning can provide big benefits when it comes to your comfort and enjoyment when working from home! We can’t wait to see the spaces you create.


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