The Ultimate Fall Checklist for Your Home & Your Family

Who doesn’t love fall?! As the calendar marches toward the end of the year, there’s so much to be done to enjoy the last bits of warm weather and embrace some cooler temps. Besides planning festivities and shifting into back-to-school mode, there are lots of important things to do to keep your Havenwood home in tip top shape for the coming season. Today, we’ve assembled a helpful checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important!

Clean your air vents and filters

If you live in a climate where AC blasts all summer, make sure to do a clean before turning on your furnace! If you haven’t been using any sort of climate control this summer, it’s doubly important to get rid of excess dust and dirt that could potentially contribute to a fire hazard. Bonus: cleaning your filters can help reduce pollen in the air during allergy season.

Have your furnace inspected

If your climate requires that the furnace turn on, it’s required to get it inspected! There are a myriad of dangers that can occur when a furnace is malfunctioning – and some aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye. Make sure to have a pro get eyes on your furnace before the weather turns cool in earnest!

Upgrade to a programmable thermostat

Don’t already have a Nest (or some other programmable option) for your thermostat? Now’s the season to bite the bullet and invest in one. Programmable thermostats can reduce energy costs, save time, and keep your home climate controlled in an effortless way. It’s better for the environment AND your wallet!

Get a fireplace deep clean

Got a fireplace or two? If you’re planning to use them in the coming months, make sure to have your fireplaces inspected and cleaned! This doesn’t mean wiping off the mantelpiece – get a licensed professional to do the work for you and ensure that there’s no risk once you first bask in the flames. You want them to stay inside the chimney – not venture into the living room!

Check for window and door drafts

As the weather turns cooler, one of the quickest ways to up your energy costs is for warm air to seep out and cold air to seep in through cracks, open spaces, and other vulnerabilities. The fall season is a great time to figure out if there are any leaks, and get them repaired.

Enjoy the weather!

For many of us, fall is one of the most pleasant seasons of the year. Make sure to get outside and enjoy the cooler temps with friends and family; use your backyard to the fullest!


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