Three Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Admit it, you’re a month into your children finally returning to school and the routine has every bit of your house cleaning backlogged. Not only is everything hard to keep up with but nothing gets quite as overwhelming as the kitchen, the workhorse of the house. Are we right or are we right? Today we’re talking about three ways to keep your kitchen clean. Drumroll….

Keep a Schedule

Forgetfulness will often lead to compounding messes. Utilize a calendar to pencil out those tasks that don’t need to happen as frequently (enter: the microwave). Additionally, assign each task to the person responsible for cleaning that space. Let the schedule run your life and say goodbye to always feeling behind.

A Place For Everything

Decide where each item lives and stick to it. This is true for most things in a home but especially in the kitchen. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the kitchen if all items aren’t put away properly. Make these decisions one time and always take the time to put an item back in it’s rightful place.

Clean as you cook

Once you’re behind on dishes it can be difficult to ever see beyond that growing mountain. The trick is to clean as you go and maintain the cleanliness. Start cooking with a clean kitchen and then clean each item you use once you’re done and while the meal cooks. Voila!

What tips do you have when it comes to staying on top of the kitchen clutter? Drop your pointers in the comments below!


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