Tips for outdoor entertaining

Entertaining outdoors comes with plenty of benefits! You’ll reduce the mess in the house, give your guests room to breathe and mingle, and add some fresh air to your party menu. However, entertaining al fresco can mean some slightly different preparation when it comes to set up. Let’s talk about some easy tips for outdoor entertaining today – now that you’re enjoying your covered patio at Havenwood, it’s time to put it to use.

Set the Space

No matter what size yard you have to work with, it’s important to designate certain areas for certain activities. Create a spot for eating, a spot for food prep/grilling, and maybe even a spot for games. While you locate each zone, make sure to do some TLC in your backyard. Remove sticks and leaves that may get in the way, and tidy up any outdoor landscaping that might intrude into pathways or get underfoot.

Set the Ambiance

Music and lighting are key to creating a festive atmosphere outside. Since you don’t have many surfaces to decorate, it’s key to create a vibe that fits your mood with lighting and tunes that get your guests in the mood for the type of party you’re hosting. Adjust both the volume and the brightness according to the time of day and the feeling you’re trying to create. Make sure that your speakers are adequate for the size of your yard.

Adjust the Temperature

This one may sound a little more crazy than it is! Obviously, when you’re entertaining outdoors, the climate will be what it will be! However, you want your guests to be comfortable, so pay attention to the weather forecast for the day and plan accordingly. Will you be likely to have rain? Install some tents. Will the weather be very warm? Serve chilled drinks and maybe even install some fans. Consider a mister if you really want to lean into the heat relief! If the evening will be cool, install some temporary heat lamps or make use of a firepit.

Enjoy Your Party

You’ll likely see quickly that guests love an outdoor event. There’s plenty of space to move, mix, and mingle as people discover a variety of activities. And bonus: when all your guests leave, your home will likely remain mostly tidy! It’s the best way to enjoy your party to the fullest while it’s happening, then relax in your home when it’s over.


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