Tips for Preparing Your Backyard Landscaping for Summer

Summertime is the best time for lots of reasons – and spending long afternoons and evenings relaxing in the backyard is at the top of the list! Now that you’re all settled into your home at Cresleigh Havenwood, it’s time to turn your focus to the landscaping. Make sure everything is in tip top shape for the season and ready to enjoy to the fullest with these helpful reminders.

Aerate Your Lawn

“Aeration” means puncturing small holes throughout your lawn to allow additional water, light, and oxygen to permeate it. It helps your plants grow more lush and full and discourages weeds. It’s one of the best ways to keep your grass healthy without chemicals!

Prep Your Beds

Get your flower beds in prime growth condition by adding some compost or fresh potting soil. Make sure to clear out any old detritus first. If you’ve been tending a compost bin or pile for this purpose, so much the better! Line your pots and planters with compost and ensure that your seedlings have the best chance for growth.

Set a Mowing Schedule

Grass thrives on routine. Set a regular day to have the grass mowed, and don’t be afraid to keep it a bit longer than normal. Longer grass helps protect the roots and allows the soil to hold onto moisture – especially important in dry conditions.

Don’t Forget to Prune

Take a look at the smaller trees and bushes in your yard. Regular pruning helps keep them tidy, lush, and full. Cut back any branches or leaves that are intruding too far into your space, and make sure to remove any limbs that appear dead. Once the dying parts of the plant are removed, all nutrients can be diverted to healthier areas, which increases the chance of your plant thriving!

Add New Features

Imagine what your ideal backyard might look like – could you add lights? A water feature? A fire pit? Imagine it and build this year – there’s no time like the present!

Enjoy your hard work!

Make sure to take the time to step outside and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember – sunshine and the accompanying Vitamin D are great for physical and mental health, so get outside every day!


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