What’s Your Interior Design Style?

When you’re ready to plan some new decor in your Riverside home at Plumas Ranch, you may run into a common problem…how should you define your style? Pinterest searches are helpful, but you’ll have more success if you understand what you’re looking for. What’s your interior design style? Today, we’ll introduce you to the basic categories for interior looks. And don’t worry; if your taste doesn’t fit neatly into one category, it’s totally ok to create your own unique combinations!


Modern style uses lots of clean lines and neutral colors. Contrary to some misconceptions, it’s not bare or sterile; instead, it relies on simplicity to make a big statement. Modern decor makes use of natural materials and designs spaces to be filled with natural light. It’s a great option if you’re someone who likes serene and calm interiors.


This type of decor looks to the past as inspiration. Traditional decor uses furniture inspired by designs from the 1800 and 1900’s, particularly in Europe. If you’re someone who likes a stately vibe in your home and places a high value on all that came before, you might be a great candidate for a traditional decor style.


Not sure if you lean more toward modern or traditional? You might be looking for a transitional aesthetic. Transitional style combines traditional pieces with more balanced modern ones to create a look that stays fresh no matter how many years pass. This is a great option if you’re a “one and done” type of decorator; this style won’t look dated quickly.


If you crave simplicity and feel calmed by a monochromatic palette and plenty of negative space, minimalist interior style may be a perfect fit. Minimalist style relies on color only in rare situations, choosing instead to design a space with varying neutral tones. Scandinavian style is closely related, and uses primarily natural materials, while minimalism incorporates steel and chrome.


If you’re someone who dislikes boundaries and loves free and open self expression, you’ll probably be happiest using an eclectic style of decor in your home. This design style incorporates a variety of colors and textures and uses layering to create harmony from disparate materials. This style works best when you curate pieces you love and slowly add them to the room.

Choose What Makes You Happy!

Though terms and styles can help you hone in on what you like best for your home, don’t get too stuck on labels! Choose furniture, colors, and textures that complement your family and your lifestyle. Feeling at home in your space is the most important factor to consider.


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