When to DIY and When to Call in the Pro!

We’ve all seen enough HGTV to make us believe we just might be able to execute a DIY home remodel. It looks so easy! Now that you’ve settled into your Plumas Ranch home, you might be ready to make some customizations – and you’re hoping you might be able to pull it off on your own. Before you start knocking down walls, however, make sure that the project you’re considering is feasible to execute as a DIY. Sometimes, you really do need to call in the professionals! Today, we’ll be talking through ways to tell if you can handle a project yourself, or if it’s better left to the experts.

Consider the Consequences in the Worst Case Scenario 

When you’re considering whether or not to tackle a DIY, think about what might (and could) go wrong. When it comes to electrical wiring or plumbing, things can go south in big, and very dangerous ways. Fires and leaks can have devastating consequences. On the other hand, refacing a cabinet is relatively low risk; you might not love the result, but no one will get hurt if you choose the wrong stain.

Consider Your Timeline and Budget

Home renovation projects cost both time and money. When you’re able to DIY, you can often save money, but you may spend a lot of time. Unless you’re a professional, learning a new skill, purchasing the correct materials, and installing the project can be incredibly time-consuming. On the other hand, professionals are often able to complete a project quickly and efficiently – they have all the necessary experience and ideal equipment – but you’ll often end up paying more. Think about your project – do you have more time or money to spend? Does the project need to be completed by a certain date?

Don’t Make the Decision Lightly

If you’re not sure you’ve got the chops to tackle a project, try a small sample to see if you can execute the results as well as you’d like. Watch plenty of tutorials and read blogs to see other DIY divas do it in action. Price your supplies and compare them to rates offered by professionals. Don’t rush into anything – and be prepared for a learning curve! When thoughtfully considered, DIY is a great option for new and experienced homeowners alike…but when your sink is leaking, call in the pros.


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