5 Things You Can Do With Your New Cresleigh Smart Home

When you decide to call a Cresleigh community ‘home,’ you get more than our signature open floor plans, customizable Flex Space, and spacious kitchens—you move into a home with the latest smart home technology. From Mills Station to Cresleigh Riverside, we pride ourselves on providing the most comfortable homes for our residents.

Our (always included) Smart Home Package includes:

  • Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini
  • Ultra Sync Home Automation Hub with access to smart device application 
  • Honeywell Smart Thermostat
  • Doorbell camera
  • Kwikset® digital touch screen deadbolt lock
  • Ubiquiti ® Wi-Fi extenders throughout home allowing for maximum coverage
  • Smart Lighting Controls

That’s a lot of items! You may not know how to use all of them, but don’t worry—we have your back. Here are 5 ideas for how to optimize your new home:

Feel Secure with the Smart Home Hub

All the security features your new home offers at your fingertips. From the Google Home Hub’s view screen, control the TV, monitor cameras, lock the door, dim the lights, and more. It works hand-in-hand with your doorbell camera and Kwikset® digital touch screen deadbolt lock, giving you more control over your security and surroundings. The Hub works with more than 5,000 smart devices from over 400 popular brands, meaning you could even expand your smart tech collection, if desired.

Day Planner

Google’s smart technology utilizes voice matching technology to access personalized routines. 

Simply saying, “Hey Google, good morning” cues a readout of your schedule, the weather, your morning commute, and your reminders, activities, and notifications for the day ahead, all accessible from the home screen.

You can say things like “Remind me to call Tom when I get to work,” “Listen to NPR,” and “Show my agenda for the day.” The Hub is designed to maximize productivity and ensure that your schedule is top of mind to help you navigate your day with ease.

Temperature Control

That’s why we’ve chosen the Honeywell Smart Thermostat, because it’s one of the best Google Home compatible thermostats. By integrating it with Google Home, you’re able to set the temperature quickly and easily. You can cool down your living room just in time for your arrival, all from your phone. Total bliss. Take that, Sacramento summers.

The Ultimate Media Hub

Listen to your favorite tunes on YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and more. Or, choose to play music from one of your playlists. The Hub boasts a full-range speaker, delivering crystal-clear audio for that living room dance session.

Another great feature comes from Google Photos. The Hub constantly updates your photo stream and connects you to Live Albums, showing you the latest photos from friends and family, and anyone who has shared a Live Album with you. To see certain pictures, just start by saying, “Show photos of my summer vacation,” or “Find my photos of poodles.”

Turn-Down Service

At the end of the day, saying “Hey Google, good night” can turn off the lights and television, lock the door, and more. You can create a personalized routine to fit your lifestyle. The Hub’s Ambient EQ feature dims the lighting of the screen to match the ambient light and color, so it doesn’t disrupt sleep. The feature automatically detects more than 16 million combinations of light and color in the room, drawing from them to display photos that blend with the décor.

From start to finish, the Google Home Hub is a powerful home assistant that helps to organize your day, connect your smart devices, and provides the information of the internet, all with the command of your voice.



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Hey Amber! We’re thrilled to know you’re enjoying your new Cresleigh Smart Home. Thanks for being a part of the Cresleigh family!


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